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Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.


Would Like To Thank Timmy & Max For All Their Hard Work On The Making Of The Video "Springtime Of Opportunity" From Creatures Of Clay & Codie Westwood! 

#AutismAwareness #Autism


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Autism Society of Baltimore-Chesapeake

Take The Time For #AutismAwareness!! Know And Understand What Those With #Autism Is Going Through! #educate #understand #support #love 


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Year-End Countdown For 2019 With Song

"Lay It Down!"

# 46 With "Girl Girl Girl," On The Top 100 2019 Indie Star Radio!

#37 With Girl Girl Girl

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Creatures Of Clay -Best Rock Album Runner Up 

From Rockin' Round The Clock Radio & Dory Indie World Radio Network

Creatures Of Clay "Girl Girl Girl"

From Rockin' Round The Clock Radio & Dory Indie World Radio Network

Creatures Of Clay

Gold Record Awards & Being Introduced Into DJ Dory's Wall Of Fame.

Codie Westwood 

Lead Singer

Veronica Gilson

Agent\Promoter\Graphic Designer/Photographer

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